Service Industries present: BRITLINS SUMMER SALE!


Scott King initially developed the concept of Britlins in 2017 as a book, with long-term collaborator Matthew Worley. Published by Reading International, Britlins presented a satirical guideline for remodelling the United Kingdom as a 1970s holiday camp. Assuming the identity of ‘The Conglomerate’, King and Worley wrote:

“Life should be fun, like it used to be - we shaped our own destiny; we had proper jobs; back doors were left open; we knew all our neighbours and every summer seemed to last forever.”

King later expanded the Britlins idea into a solo show called Welcome to Saxnot at Studio Voltaire, London. This exhibition took the form of a trade fair, encouraging gallery visitors to relocate to the fictional town of Saxnot (formerly Butlin’s Bognor Regis). Incentives were offered - free T-shirts, mugs, teddy bears and tea towels - though the scheme ended in disappointment, when not a single member of the public opted for 'A New Life in Saxnot'. 

Consequently, plans to build Saxnot were cancelled, and those highly-collectable promotional gifts are now on sale here today.


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